Gaming Desktop in JAMBOREE HEIGHTS, Queensland for sale

Gaming Desktop
Gaming Desktop
Gaming Desktop
Gaming Desktop

This PC was originally purchased a couple years back from Harvey Norman for $1600. Known as the Acer G Predator g3620. Since then I have made some upgrades to the computer, which include the Video Card, which is now a AMD r9 290 a 650 watt power supply, and a 60gb ssd. I wish I could keep this PC, but I am in need of a laptop for uni, which will mean I will have less time for gaming.
This pc can run most of the latest games at max settings, 60fps+. I was able to run games such as Witcher 3 on everything maxed out except for shadows on high and was getting a constant 60-70 fps, which is one of the most graphcially demanding games out. GTA V can be maxed and can get a constant 60fps and other less demanding games such as league of legends and counterstrike run easilly getting usually around 160fps never going lower than 100fps.
Intel Core i7 3770 @ 3.40GHz
RAM - 12gb DDR3 @798Mhz
Motherboard - Acer Predator g3620
Graphics - AMD Radeon R9 290 4GB
Storage - 60gb Kingston SSD
-2Tb Seagate HDD
Power Supply - 650 Watt
Operating System - Windows 10
Audio - Realtek High defintion audio
Optical Drive/Burner
This deal comes with the razer blackwidow keyboard, acer speakers and an external wireless reciever, as this pc does not have a network card. Also an Samsung montior can be purchased with it for an extra $60
Feel free to ask me any questions.